2018 Hairstyle Tips for Face Shapes

Hello everybody! I am gonna writing something to give you some hairstyle tips for face shapes. Everybody has a slightly different shaped face. Yet there are some definite face shapes that you can generalize about. One thing you do want to do is emphasize the best parts of your body. You try to do this when you buy clothes. You try to do this when you decide the best dress length for your body and legs so you should also do this when you consider getting a hair style. So, I think you will like these hairstyle tips for face shapes that I give you.

Some people have a round face shape. If this is the case then you should try to add some height in the hair style. Or add some length to the hair style. A higher hair style may have curls piled on top of the head or hair that is fluffed up at the top. This will make the face seem less round. Also you can let the hair go past the chin and around the neck to make it appear the face is longer as the attention is drawn to the length of the hair now.

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If you have a thin face you want to make it appear fuller. So adding hair at the sides with tendrils or curls or soft waves will add some width. You don’t want hair pulled tightly back.
If you have an oval face then you can wear almost any hair style as no portion of the face really needs emphasis.

But remember you have to like your hair style and live with it, so the final choice is yours to make.

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