2019 Short Hairstyles Ideas for New Trendy Haircut

Hello everybody! How are you today? I came back after a long break. Today you will see short hairstyles ideas with 4 featured hair.
Check some great short hairstyles ideas for fall 2019. We’re sure you’ll find a perfect short haircut for your style and face shape.

Elisha Cuthbert Short Hairstyle

This lovely Canadian actress is has been seen walking the red carpet with a glamorous. And sexy looking combination of a pixie and a bob. This short hairstyle of Elisha is also a very flexible and versatile hairstyle. Since some length has been left on the hair to make it possible to style it every which way; swept on one side or the other; or pulled back in a faux updo for glam evenings.

Emma Watson Short Hairstyle

The sweet Hermione of Harry Potter fame, Emma Watson went through a total transformation when she radically chop off her long curly hair. And sported a still sweet but very appealing pixie hairstyle that has every guy’s eyes glued on her.

Halle Berry Short Hairstyle

Halle Berry is the epitome of glamour and style and one of the earliest celebrity short hairstyle aficionados, having worn a short hairstyle for years now. Her curly hair is layered and cut close to the head through the side. And back merging together into the top in serrated cut layers giving the hair a lot of texture.

Hilary Swank Short Hairstyle

A close crop that hugs the sides and the back with the top left longer for a lot of bounce is Hilary Swank’s inspiring short celebrity hairstyle. This saucy swanky short hairstyle has cute bangs accentuating the eyes and making her look years younger.

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2019 Short Hairstyles Ideas for New Trendy Haircut Style Photo Gallery

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