Amazing Short Hair Trends

Hello everybody! I am coming to write about short hair trends, today. Let me start! From runways to movie screens; offices to schools, short hair is popping up as one of the most popular trends for fall. Perhaps most popular is the “bob” cut. The traditional form of this old style, with its long bangs and even length, is making quite the comeback this season.

Short Hair Cuts

Those wearing this style are channeling the 1920s and 1930s to create a chic new look. Other popular variations are the “blunt bob,” which features sharp angles. And the “layered bob” with its lively, wild look. Some people will want to go even shorter this fall and opt for a “pixie cut,” also known as “the crop.” Rather than the sleek and straight version of this style we are used to seeing. The new trend is to show off your natural texture in a short style. So, pixie’s with waves or curls are the way to go this season.

Finally, there seems to be a trend towards wearing short hair in a more masculine style. This concept was developed on the runways and is likely to hit the streets this fall. The most common look involves using gels, wax, and other products to create ‘dos that resemble 1950s men’s hair. Whatever way you wear it, it seems going for a short cut is the trend to try this fall.

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