Amazing Short Rihanna Hairstyles

Hello girls! How are you? I am gonna writing about short Rihanna hairstyles for you. Trendsetter Rihanna is one musician who keeps everyone guessing. Not about whether she has been arrested like some, or even whether her next outfit is going to be even more outrageous than her last.

Rather, Rihanna keeps everyone guessing with what her hair is going to look like from one event to the next. She has paved the way for women everywhere who want to wear a short, trendy, yet feminine style. She has even made it perfectly okay for women to use color on their hair without having to be part of the Emo scene or some other kind of scene.

Rihanna looks wonderful is a short hairstyle and she has proven that women who have long, diamond, or square faces can wear short hairstyles and look beautiful doing it. Rihanna herself has a wide forehead and a narrow face. So her styles are excellent for diamond, square, or long faces. She always wears bangs, no matter how short her hairstyle, and while not every style is complimentary, she always looks incredibly cute.

Her standard is a short, sassy cut that is left longer on top and cut close around the ears. Her bangs have been various lengths. And usually are swept in some way over her forehead and eyes. A flat iron is a perfect tool for making bangs sleek and straight. This is an easy care style that looks great for any occasion and with any outfit.

For even more fun, Rihanna often adds color to her hair. She has added streaks of every color from blonde to blue and she always looks incredible. Short hair looks excellent with streaks of bold color. It makes a statement without seeming overly done, forced, or ridiculous.

Long hair looks good with color, but when bright colors are added to very long hair it does begin to look a bit silly. Rihanna has made it cool to have short hair no matter what shape face you have and to use colors that rinse out. So you can be yourself and unique every day of the year.

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