Back To School Hairstyles for Girls

Girls want to make an impression among their peers. What better time to make this than going back to school. What makes this exciting every year is you can change your style. The best way to do that is to change your hair.

Rihanna with Stylish Pixie Cut

They say that your hair is your crowning glory and each individual has a different preference. There are those who would want their hair long and those who would want pixie-cut hair. Teen-agers in particular are obsessed with their hair. Here are some hairstyles for girls for their back to school look.

Back to School Hairstyle Idea

Short hairstyles
Due to the popularity of Rihanna last year, she has become the picture perfect model for short hair. This cut will make a teenager stand out from the crowd. Cuts like the layered bob and crops have become very popular this year.

A no-fuss kind of hairstyle will be most suitable to girls who have thin hair. It will create an illusion of having thick hair by giving it volume and depth. For round faced girls, it would be best to keep it in medium length.

Up-do hairstyles
Many people relate up dos with formal occasions. But a simple ponytail, which is still an up-do, can bring va-va-voom to a relatively blah hair. But the ponytail must not be too stiff. Many Hollywood actresses have styled a messy ponytail these days and still look beautiful. For a funkier twist to the ponytail, side sweep it to one side.

Long hairstyles
There is a trend of having ultra- long hairstyles. Just look at the likes of Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus. Both of them have preferred long hairstyles. You can usually see them in locks that are long, wavy, and a bit curly. To achieve this kind of look, scrunch your hair as you are blow drying it. Instead of letting it loose all the way through, try pinning the upper sections, especially in the crown area, up for that unruly look to keep it up to date.

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