Best Modern Bob Hairstyles 2018

Hi babes! How are you today? I am coming with bob hairstyles πŸ’ƒπŸΌ. I am gonna writing about hairstyles 2018.

Though the was invented about 80 years ago, it has remained a popular option for short hair since then. In that time it has been extended, shortened, twisted, curled and, most recently, inverted! The bob is definitely the most there is, and it owes its long life to this fact.

The modern bob can best be described by its interplay with the shape of the face. A woman who gets a modern bob can expect her stylist to carefully study her chin, forehead, brows, nose and cheekbones, because the bob can be designed to call attention to a single one of these features, or to a more general facial area (forehead and brows, chin and cheekbones).

Regardless of the basic nature of your natural look, whether curly or straight, colored or not, parted, permed or plaited, there is an option for the bob that will work for you. In all these options, however, the bob will have the effect of framing of the face. This effect is created by the bob’s usual tresses or strands running down both sides of the face.

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Even in , you will see this framing effect performed by a strand. Or two of hair positioned in harmonious balance near the sideburn area. In the inverted bob, a very modern look, the framing effect is severe and arresting.

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