Best Short Straight Hairstyles for 2018

Hello girls! I wanna writing about short straight hairstyles for 2018, today. A short straight hairstyle will be a hot trend for 2018. The shiny, sleek look of this super trendy hairstyle with a lot of movement and volume will continue to be a big favorite. Because it is low –maintenance and could provide several exiting styles.

A short straight hairstyle can be a micro-crop, with side-swept bangs, heavy layered or given a choppy cut. It is a great way to change one’s look dramatically. Check out these short straight hairstyles and pick one that would suit you best:

A pixie cut is one of the most desired haircut for short straight hair for as long as forever. A micro crop pixie like that of Emma Watson. A sleek and smooth cap pixie with longer bangs ala Rihanna or a choppy and tousled pixie similar to Halle Berry’s iconic short hairstyle. They are all available for women who prefer a chic but casual look. This haircut is also the perfect choice of busy and active women. Because of its low-maintenance and easy to create attributes.

A short bob cut is a sophisticated and classy haircut for short straight hair. A bob cut ala Posh Spice Victoria Beckham is a very chic stylish asymmetrical bob with longer sides and front and a tapered back.

Other short bob styles such as Keira Knightley’s and Dannii Minogue’s face-framing bob is another super sexy and captivating bob style that women with short straight hair can try. There is no limit to the styles that can be achieved with a short bob cut. With bangs, given some wave and curls for more definition, cut bluntly or asymmetrical, all it needs is a little imagination.

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For the bold and daring young women who are not afraid to be different, the Mohawk punk cut is a spellbinding short straight hairstyle to try. The girl version of a Mohawk called the Chelsea – hawk- shaved side and longer middle hair and bangs standing up, is a bold statement hairstyle for those who want to be unique.

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See you babes 😘 👋🏼.

Best Short Straight Hairstyles 2018 Photo Gallery

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