Bob Hair Trends 2018

Hello womens! I am gonna writing something about . The bob is a hairstyle that has always been around. It started way back in the 30’s as a . A flapper was a single woman that rebelled during the prohibition. Nowadays, women are bringing back that bob and making it look better than ever. If you think you might need a change, you may be bold and go for the !

The first thing that you need to know about the bob is the fact that this is a short hairstyle. There is not really way that the bob will work with longer hair. If you are thinking about an all out change, taking a leap with the bob will be a great one.

Katie Holmes was quite popular when she sported a bob of her own. Many celebrities are bringing back old styles such as this one and making it their own style. That is the great thing about this hair style, you can change it up just a little bit. Why not add some wispy ends to the sides of your hair. This will definitely set you apart from the rest of the bobs!

When it comes to old styles such as the bob you can easily tweak them to your liking. If you see a bob style that you like, why not give it a try? It may be a short style but the fact is, your hair will always grow back. Take a chance on the bob and see how well you like it! Who knows, it may be your cut for life!


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