Casual Short Curly Hairstyles

A casual short hairdo is easy to create on naturally curly hair or even permed hair since it is the curls and the cut that shape the form of the hairstyle. Short haircut on curly hair is also perfect for controlling frizz and volume of the hair.
Here are some casual short curly hairstyles:

Totally Curly to More Wavy Short Hairstyle

• Hairstyle for a naturally curly hair that is cut very short in uniform layers to uphold a well- balanced look. And jaggedly cut at the top to add texture and height. This is an easy to maintain and simple hairstyle.

• Hairstyle for natural tight curls that is graduated through the back and layered uniformly on the sides and back creating a “big” round hair. This type of hairstyle requires a regular trim every 4-6 weeks to preserve the shape and style.

• Hairstyle for natural or permed wavy hair. This is a short funky hairstyle that is tapered at the back with wispy hair floating down the neck. Big curls or waves are allowed to riot around the top and side allowing for movement and shape.

• Hairstyle for natural very tight curls. This hairstyle is clipper-cut at the back and sides blending at the top which is also clipper cut but cut a little longer for shape and texture. This hairstyle is perfect for busy women since it is very easy to style.

• Hairstyle for natural curly hair. In this hairstyle the natural curls are cut to contour the head. And done by a uniform layering all around the back and sides. This hairstyle also requires a trim every 4-6 weeks to maintain the shape and style.

Casual short Curly Hairstyles Photos

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