Hair Myths Revealed: Split Ends, Hair Grow, Dandruff

Hello babies. You are gonna read hair myths about split ends, hair grow, dandruff, at this time. To this day, people are constantly worried about various hair myths that they may have heard. If you are worried about certain myths take a look here and find out if you can crack them. There may be too many myths to cover, so here are just a few hair myths revealed!

Hair Myths Revealed!

Myth #1: Hair Grows Faster when Cut

You should know by now that hair grows a half inch each and every month. When you cut your hair, you are simply making it shorter than it was. Do not get mixed up and think as simple trim will add an inch or two.

Myth #2: You can Repair Split Ends

The fact of the matter is there are some temporary repairs that you can try. Of course, these are typically used for a last minute occasion. When you start to notice split ends, simply trim them off.

Myth #3: Dandruff is Highly Contagious

Dandruff is often mistaken for lice. If you start to notice dandruff on your scalp it simply means that you have a live micro organism. Simply find a product to help clear up your scalp once again.

Now, these are just a few myths that have been revealed. If you are curious about other myths floating around, take a look online or ask your stylist. Do not be fooled by anything that you may hear about hair. Stick to what you know. Make sure that you take care of your hair and trim it on a regular basis. Proper hair care is key!

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