Hairstyles for Fine Hair – Short Hair is the Best Solution

Every woman wants thick, beautiful hair. However, that is not the reality for many women. You are born with thick hair or fine hair and you cannot do anything about that. Sometimes after you have children or other life events, you find that your hair becomes finer. You don’t have to be give up on finding great looks for you.

Hairstyles for Fine Hair – Short Hair is the Best Solution

If you love having long or medium length hair, then you should try and use hairstyles that will draw you hair up and away from your face. Braids, ponytails, French twists, even a simple half up hairdo will all help to make your hair appear thicker. There are lots of styles that pull your hair away from your face and you can choose any of them for day or night. Braids are great, versatile, and there are hundreds of variations. Any style where your hair is off your face will make your hair look thicker and full of body.

Short hair (chin length or shorter) is wonderful if your hair is very fine. These are normally the best styles to go with and are much easier to maintain than longer hair. In both cases, attention is drawn away from your hair and to your face, so people are seeing you and not fine hair. Don’t get rid of your bangs – sweep them to the side. Pin them behind your ear with cute clips or barrettes. This will increase the volume of your hair and make it look thicker. Whatever style you choose, blow dry your hair from the roots up, at an angle. This adds natural volume to your hair and it’ll look thicker.

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