How Often Should I Get a Trim?

How Often Should I Get a Trim – Summer Fall 2009 Hair Tips

You may wonder just how often you should get a trim. Well it really depends on your hair style and the health of your hair. It is recommended that you get a hair trim a few times out of a year.
Most people prefer to get a hair trim about every four weeks or so. Keeping your hair neatly trim will help maintain your desired hairstyle. It will keep your hair from losing its shape. People that have a medium hair length can wait a little while longer before they get a trim.
Now if you are trying to grow your hair longer, you may want to skip a few hair trims. You will still need to trim the ends to get rid of any damage that your hair may have. If you keep those damaged ends then it can cause damage to the other hair and maybe even stop growth.
Your hair works like pruning a flower to help it to grow. You have to cut off the dead or bad leaves and stems so that your flower grows properly. That is what you will have to do to your hair. The health of your hair depends on how you take care of it. If you keep it trim, you will have any problems with styling and managing your hair.
You should get a hair trim as often as you think that it is needed. You can look at your hair and the hairstyle to determine whether or not it is time for a trim.

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