How to Find Your Best Hairstyle for Summer

Hello womens! I am gonna write how to find your best hairstyle for summer. If you are still at the cross roads as to what kind of hairstyles you would want to have, here are some guidelines to help you figure out what you really want and what the best is for you.

Olivia Munn Short Hairstyle Idea for Summer 2019

Have you thought about your face shape?

We all know that hair stylists can come up with new and interesting styles every day, but the big question is, is it for you? In order to determine that, you need to know what your face shape first. It may work for a certain celebrity but it may not work for you.

Trendy Updo Hair Idea

You need to understand that hairstyles are created so that you will look young. When you look young, you will feel young. The right hairstyle will shed at least 5 years off your face. The haircuts that fall between the shoulders and the chin are the most flattering if looking young is what you want.

Short Hairstyle Idea for Summer

Hair type and texture also plays an important role in the type of hairstyle you ought to have. Aside from the three basic hair types which are straight, curly and wavy, let us add three more: black, coarse and chemically treated. In order to know what type you have, thread one of your hair stands to the needle. If the hair has difficulty in threading to it gets caught in the hole, most likely you have coarse to curly hair. If it gets through without any problems, your hair is most probably fine.

Trendy Bob Hairstyle

If you drop you hair on a glass of water and it floats, it is either oily or healthy. If it sinks, it is damaged.

Emma Willis Stylish Short Haircut Idea

Another way to know if you have the right hairstyle is to check out some magazines that can help you decide which one fits for you. Aside from magazines, there are already many sites that offer their services such as virtual hairstyles.

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