Is Short Hairstyle for Everyone

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Short hairstyle is the hottest hairstyle this summer. But is short hairstyle for everyone? Most young girls love to cut their hair short but there is always that question of, “will I look good with short hair?”

Well, the advantage of the young is their capacity to experiment and try something at least once without blinking an eye. But cutting one’s hair is such a drastic move, and in case you make a mistake, it will take some time to grow the hair long, that some youth balk at jumping on the bandwagon.

Short hairstyle, is it for everyone?

Here are some facts about short hairstyle that might help you decide:

  • In general, short hair will look good on anyone, as long as the style is suited to the fsce shape of a woman.
  • Short hairstyles are usually hairstyles that are cut above the shoulder line. But there are so many variations of the short hairstyle; some are cut very short such as a crop or pixie cut and some are closer to medium length hair.
  • The shorter the hair, the less likely it will suit every face shape.
  • The key for short hair to suit a particular face shape is to choose a short hairstyle that accentuates the good features and camouflage some of the flaws.
  • For a round faced woman or girl it is important to choose a short hairstyle that will elongate the face. A short hairstyle cut in layers rather than a blunt cut short hair will achieve this end.
  • Long thin face owners, a short hairstyle that will appear to widen the face is the right type of short hairstyle. Women with long thin faces should avoid since it makes the face appear longer. A chin length bob is the ideal short hairstyle for this face type.
  • For women with a square face, wavy or curly short hairstyles and layered short hairstyles are ideal to soften the face and give more height at the top to make the face look younger. The short hairstyle should keep the forehead free to make the face look longer.
  • For an oval face, any length or style of a will look great.

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