Kelly Osbourne Pixie Cut

Hello girls! I wanna writing something about Kelly Osbourne pixie cut. Kelly Osbourne has won many people’s hearts with the way she has seemed to blossom in the last few years. She has battled with her weight, something many people can relate to. And while she always looks incredible, Kelly has never allowed anyone else to tell her what to look like, as so many other people do. She is a woman all her own and many admire her for that. Kelly has a square shaped face but she has found ways to wear great short styles where she looks beautiful.

One style that Kelly has worn where she looked great is a short pixie style. When she wore this style, she weighed a bit more than she does currently. Her face looked more round and she needed some way to both slenderize her face and draw attention to her best features, such as her smile and her eyes. A pixie cut is a great look for her. Any woman who has a round face – whether because she is on the heavier side or naturally has a round face – looks fantastic in a pixie cut. Kelly wore hers very short, and had it textured and spiky. She also dyed it platinum blonde which was an excellent color for her.

A short style like a pixie cut helps to lengthen the face. The cut that Kelly Osbourne wore had short bangs that were parted on the side, sweeping slightly over her forehead. The spiking added height, which helped to thin her face even more. The style softened the lines of her face, made her appear slimmer, and was an excellent way for her to wear her hair. Anyone can benefit from a pixie like Kelly’s – just talk to your stylist for suggestions on the best way to wear your hair.

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Kelly Osbourne Pixie Cut

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