Keri Hilson Short Haircut Styles Ideas for Summer 2018

Hello babes! You are gonna see something like Keri Hilson Short Haircut Styles Ideas for Summer 2018, today. Keri Hilson, the exciting R&B artist was chosen as the new face of Avon in 2018 replacing Jennifer Hudson as the face of Avon’s Imari fragrance. She is said to have brought youth and vitality to the brand as she joined the ranks of other Avon faces such as Zoe Saldana, Reese Witherspoon and Patrick Dempsey.

This rhythm and blues artist has made her hairstyle an important element of her signature look. She has never been shy of experimenting on different hairstyles and hair colors. Her hairstyle has evolved, becoming progressively shorter in the past several years. In 2015 she was sporting a 70s inspired bob that is at times casually accent with gently feather bangs. In the late 2016 she was seen sporting an attention- getter edgier hairstyle that is a genuinely asymmetrical bob with tiers of frosted highlights. Then, in the late 2016 she was sporting a more normal-looking hairstyle but in early 2017, the highlights were back.
Here are three of Keri Hilson’s most famous hairstyles:

An asymmetrical bob

Keri wears her asymmetrical bob with side swept bangs, giving her a very sassy look. The longer side of the bob hits her chin while the shorter side is right below the ear. Her bangs are swept to towards the longer side. She wears her bob with blond highlights that are more vivid on the bangs and the longer section of the hair. Keri’s bob is smooth and cap -like with a slight curve at the bottom of the hair.

An asymmetrical bob with blond tips

This is an Asian inspired hairstyle that Keri wore for the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. For this hairstyle, Keri’s hair is very dark with the hair underneath tip with blond ends. This is a clean straight bob that can achieve by applying a straightening emulsion on damp hair and blow drying the hair while brushing it straight down. For that smooth look, a flat iron is used when the hair is dry.

Twirled ducktail

This is one of Keri’s edgier hairstyle. Here Keri wears her bangs straight down to eye level with long flimsy sections of hair falling on both sides of the head, one close to the nape and the other behind the ear.

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