Latest Formal Hair Trends 2018

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Every woman knows that special events call for special hairstyles to match. That’s why its so important to pick a chic, trendy style for a formal affair. Formal styles change constantly, though, and keeping up with what’s hot can be tough. So, let’s take a look at some of the latest formal hairstyles that are great to wear right now.

Formal Hair Trends

Perhaps the most popular formal trend is softness. In the past, formal ‘dos have called for gallons of hairspray and pins to make hair stiff and immovable. This is no longer the case, though, and soft, natural styles are a much more prominent formal fashion.

Curls are also in, specifically long, flowing loose curls. These can either be worn down or pinned up in a loose, purposefully messy bun. Going out natural with accessories is also popular. Flashy tiaras and crowns are out. Newer trends feature no extra pieces at all, or a few strategically placed flowers for a spring or summer look.

Finally, extensions are increasingly popular as additions to formal ‘dos. They can help you achieve the right length hair to get the style you want. Plus, extensions can work with any hair texture. Ultimately, though, you should choose a formal style that suits your event and your personality.

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