Make Your Own Hair Care Beauty Products

Hello babies! I am gonna writing something about make your own . There are plenty of things that you can use that will be lying around in your home to get the gorgeous locks that you want. And the good news is that many of these homemade beauty recipes for hair will be just as good. If not better (and cheaper!) than buying them in the shops.

Egg for example, is perfect for making the hair glossy. And shiny and giving it that lustrous look and feel that everyone craves. 2 egg yolks mixed with a little bit of castor oil. This can be used to massage in the hair for a deep conditioning session. And you can even do the same without the castor oil if you do not have this to hand.

This is great to do on a two weekly or monthly basis to keep the hair looking and feeling good. But remember to wash it out properly afterwards!

Baking soda is another thing that you might find that you have in your home. This can be used in a rinse to try and get rid of the buildup of shampoo. And other hair care products such as wax and gel if your hair is feeling a bit weighed down and thick.

One last thing that you might find useful is coconut oil. There are now shampoos that contain this. But if you can get it neat, try putting it rather sparingly in your hair to ease frizz. But remember to rinse well otherwise it will make the hair look quite greasy.

Making Your Own Hair Care Beauty Products Ideas

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