Platinum Blonde Hair for Summer

Hello babies! How are you today? I am writing about platinum blonde hair for summer, at this time. Styles of hair and fashion change all of the time and one thing that seems to be a running trend for 2018 is the color of platinum blonde. A look once sported by the famous actresses in the world such as Marilyn Monroe. It is now being copied by some of the most iconic or pop stars and IT girls such as Paris Hilton and Lady Gaga and perhaps it is now time to jump on the platinum blonde bandwagon to see if blondes really do have more fun!

Platinum Blonde Short Summer Hair

One thing that you need to remember before going for this platinum or peroxide white blonde look is that if you have very dark brown or black hair. It is going to take some time to get to the blonde color that you want. Lightening is one option that you can go for here. But you must remember to do this at a hairdressers to ensure no damage is left to the hair. And that the whole procedure is done correctly.

Another thing that you will need to remember and especially. If you are trying to achieve this look at home is to buy enough kits to dye the whole hair. Shoulder length hair may require almost two boxes of dye whereas longer hair than this will need more so unless you want a stripy colored look. Always buy enough dye for the whole head.

All in all, colors will come and go in to fashion like the seasons. And when you just get the platinum blonde look that you are looking for… Another color may come in so bear this in mind when you are dying your hair!

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