Retro Hairstyles, Big Trend for 2018 and 2019 Season

Hello everybody! I am coming with a different style in this time. You will see some retro hairstyles which you interest in this post.

Every once in a while you may think it would be fun to have a vintage hair style. Of course, most beauty salons don’t have Marcel machines anymore. But you can have your hair stylist give you a flapper or a pixie cut. Or you can have her put finger waves in a short hair style that will add a touch of vintage look to your style.

Retro Hairstyles as Vintage Look

If you look at pictures of the older movie stars you will find a lot of different hairstyles than we see today. Their hair styles were more styled and formal whereas today we tend to have a more carefree hair style. Of course, the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s were before hot rollers and such. If you wanted a curled hair you either pined it up in curls with hair pins or you slept in rollers all night. Today we have other ways to go retro. You can get short bangs then make them curl under. Cascading locks were also popular. You could also have crimped waves for a vintage look. If you chose to try a short bob, don’t forget your cat’s eye glasses. Hair was often shorter at the sides with curls to the ear, then longer hair in the back. Hair seemed to be more conservative though.

You can have your hair stylist try some of these for a party, but it would be unlikely you would want it as your permanent hair style. But it is fun to play.

Amazing Retro Hairstyles Photo Gallery

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