Reviving Dull Hair for Spring and Summer

Hello babes! Whats’ up? I am OK πŸ™‚ I am gonna writing something about , today. Spring is the time for new beginnings… Baby birds are born… The flowers bloom and it is a time to look at yourself in the mirror and wonder. If there is a way that you can revive the dull and tired looking hair that you sported in the winter for a better look and style for the spring.

The horrible weather that we are forced to endure. Through the winter period plays havoc with most parts of our bodies and the two main areas are the hair and also the skin. The moisture is stripped from your hair meaning that. It looks dull due to its inability to reflect light.

This also means that the first thing that you need to do is to have a good trim to get rid of those dead ends. Once you have done his, you can then go on to rehydrate the hair and get the moisture back in. A hot oil treatment is the best option here as well as plenty of conditioner. When you wash it and perhaps a shampoo with plenty of fruit extracts in.

One of the best things about spring hair is that. You can try a new style and this is helped along by the need for removing the dead ends. Why not go shorter at this time and rather than have a few inches removed for a quick trim, try a new style that you may not have tried before.
Spring is the time for new beginnings and bearing this in mind, perhaps it should be a new style for your hair?

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