Short and Trendy Hairstyles

Short and Trendy Hairstyles, Summer Fall 2020 Tips

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Summer is coming up and we need a new look! I’m here again with lots of advices for my beautiful followers.

At some point in their lives, nearly every woman considers getting her hair cut short. Some never try a short hairstyle, preferring the versatility of long hair or the easy styling of medium length hair. Thanks to many female celebrities, such as Victoria Beckham and Rihanna, short hairstyles have become popular with many women, and they have also become very trendy. In fact, these styles, such as the Katie Holmes’ short bob, are so popular that many women just need to mention the style to their hairdresser in order to receive it for themselves.
Short Pixie Cut, Summer 2020

The new styles are very fun and very versatile. Layers make any style easier to work with and more voluminous while longer bangs can give a whole new look at an otherwise boring style. Another great thing about short hairstyles is that if you, for example, get a bob haircut with long bangs, you can style them in several different ways. If you need to dress up for an evening, all you have to do is slick them back or to the side and secure them with a barrette or clip and you have a beautiful formal style. All from just one simple haircut. Not very many women have a lot of time to do their hair every single day. Weekends are one thing, but even then many women simply have too much going on to be able to style long or medium-length hair into a great style. Short and trendy haircuts completely solve that problem. These styles are easy to style, and you can use gel or other styling products to get a new look almost every day if you want to. Your hair will seem to be healthier because it won’t have damaged ends as often as longer hair. And since so many of the short styles are versatile, you can wear short hair in almost any way you wish and then style it into a complete new look. The biggest trend in short hair is to be yourself and experiment with your look.

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