Short Pixie Haircuts, Cute Short Hairstyles Ideas

Hello babies! You are gonna see and cute in this blog post. Pixie haircuts are believed to be only for very self-confident and bold women. But those who’ve tried it are very happy with the results. In fact numerous celebrity fashion icons have rocked the pixie cut and most of them, if not all look truly fabulous in this very controversial hairstyle. See below who some of these astoundingly beautiful celebrities are that have braved the pixie haircut for bold women:

Emma Willis

The pixie haircut on Emma Willis features long bangs. The lengthier hair at the top makes this pixie haircut on Emma Willis sexier and less tomboyish. This pixie hair is “slice-cut” to produce separation and styled with long side-swept bangs. Style it with your hands by mussing it up while it dries as an alternative to a hairbrush. Apply was or pomade to shift the hair wherever you want it to go.

Emily Browning Pixie Hair

The pixie haircut of Emily Browning, a very short one, is not for everyone. Fortunately, for Emily Browning, she is one woman with the kind of beautiful features that this flatters. After a succession of long hairstyles, Emily finally cut her tresses to make headlines with this gorgeous . Emily’s hair is very layered and cut close to the head. It has a graduated cut at the neck with lengthened tips on the side with short textured bangs that she sweeps to the side.

Carey Mulligan Pixie Hair

Carey Mulligan has a simple pixie haircut. But if you have pretty and petite facial features like Carey Mulligan’s the simplest of pixie haircut will flaunt your beauty without any effort. Carry Mulligan wears this simple pixie haircut in starting platinum blond. She styles it by applying sea salt spray on damp hair while rumpling it into shape. The hair is shaped forward and off to one side without a clear part.

Audrey Tautou

Audrey Tautou is the most popular celebrity of our time with a pixie haircut, except maybe for Halle Berry. She has a cute pixie haircut that is chic and very evocative of the Audrey Hepburn pixie haircut of yore. Her thick hair and natural wave give character to this cute pixie haircut without too much work.

Gorgeous Short Pixie Haircuts

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