Spice Up Your Hair with Hair Tattoos

Hello babies! I am gonna writing something for with . Hair tattoos are a very distinct way of expressing individuality with style and panache. When dressing up for a special occasion. A hair tattoo is one way of ensuring that you will stand out in a crowd and be noticed.

The beauty of a hair tattoo is that you can dress up your hair in any design that you prefer without any long lasting damaging effect to your hair. Of course it can even be used to spice up the hair of your child for a special occasion. Such as a birthday party or a school event where they will be performing.

A hair tattoo is usually a design or image applied directly to the hair to take the place of barrettes, headbands or hairclips. A hair tattoo design is created by spraying colored hair spray over a pattern of the design of your choice affixed flatly on the hair. It could be a flower, a star, a butterfly or some geometric figure. The image or the design is tattooed on the hair when the pattern is removed. It is very easy to apply and wash quickly and easily without leaving a mess.

As well as this unique hair décor has been popularized by big name athletes or sports personalities. And rap artists and has become quite a rage among young people. These days even the not so young wear hair tattoos on special occasions as a unique hair décor and an expression of their creativity and individuality. For the young the use of Kanji symbol is very popular.

The fixation to the mysterious Oriental art is what draws these young people to the design. It gives a punkish chic to the wearer that makes them the envy of their friends. For the not so young there are many traditional designs to choose from. These days hair tattoos come in all kinds of designs and in a wide array of colors. There is no limit to what you can do to hair tattoos except your imagination.

Spice Up Your Hair with Hair Tattoos

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