Trendy Hair, Blunt Cut Bangs

Hello girls! I wanna write something about a trendy hair, ! Making the decision to get is a big one. They aren’t as soft and feminine as your everyday and they definitely bring attention to the features of the face. So how do you take blunt cut bangs and make them work for you?

First of all, try pinning your hair up in a way that enables you to see what you would look like if you had your bangs blunt cut. This way you can really get an insight as to how it would look. Try looking at different lengths of blunt cut bangs. A tip: if you have really small eyes or eyes that are a little bit too far apart, you don’t want blunt cut bangs that accentuate them. Especially those that are really close to the eyebrow line. The result can be a bit unattractive.

Next, think more on length. Maybe you like how it looks now, but there is a chance that you will get tired of the bangs and want to put them to the side or style them in a different manner or not. It’s all up to you. If your bangs are a little bit longer, it can be a lot easier for you to style them in a different manner.

Last, remember that hair grows back! Maybe you aren’t particularly fond of your new haircut. But remember that you can always pin it back, use a headband. Or somehow make your bangs more manageable until they get back to their old length.

Blunt Cut Bangs 2018 Photo Gallery

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