Trendy Stylish Bob Hairstyles for Summer 2019

Trendy Stylish Bob Hairstyles for Summer

There is no other hairstyle that has undergone a lot of transformations such as the bob cut. Every season, fashion stylists have found new ways to innovate this classic design. Probably the main reason for this is due to the fact that the bob cut style is quite suitable to any face shape. It can aslo suit any age group as well any kind of hair quality, be it fine or thick.

Minka Kelly – Stylish Bob Hairstyle

If the wearer belongs to an older group, a short to medium length bob cut design will look great on them. On the other hand, a long bob would look great to a younger set of women. The reason for this is that long hair tends to age women and for an older woman, this is not a good sign.
If a woman would want to make it more feminine, a short hairstyle must be mixed with layers. With longer sections of hair, it creates a beautiful silhouette that can slash a years off the age of a certain woman. A long bob can also be versatile for hair accessories can be added to it.

Bob Hairstyles Ideas for Summer 2019

Another way to add more punch to a seemingly boring cut is to add bangs to it. If a woman wants to have a change of look without compromising her bob, one great way is to add bangs to the hair. Side-swept bangs have a lady-like feel to it. The bangs can also flatter a large head as well as the elongated one. On the other hand, blunt bangs would look good on women who work in an office. This cut will draw attention to your eyes. Think of Vogue’s Anna Wintour.

Wavy Bob Hairstyle by Charlize Theron

Another twist to the bangs is to create curls. This is the edgier and more fashionable take on the bob-cut. The reason why other women would prefer wearing this kind of haircut is to create volume, especially among women who have fine hair.

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