The Wedge Haircut for Summer

Hello babies! I am gonna write something about and give some . The first originated in 1974 when hairstylist to the stars. Trevor Sorbie first created the look in a Vidal Sassoon salon in London.

Originally designed to set himself aside from all of the other hairdressers of the time. The has finally completed an about turn. And has come back into fashion of late, favored by young girls and boys as well punky adults all over the world. It was in 1976 when Dorothy Hamill, a young woman and a medalist from the Olympics wore the hairstyle. And made it the latest craze.

One of the best things about the wedge hair cut was the fact that it could be worn by both men and women. Something that many of the latest hair styles from the 70’s didn’t have. This gave it instant appeal to practically everyone and the fact that it was a relatively low maintenance look added to this.

As a general rule, a wedge haircut is a short hairstyle. But can be worn with medium length hair as well and if you imagine the old bowl cut. The one that looks as if a bowl has been placed in the head and then snipped around, you will have the right idea. The difference between the wedge hair cut and the bowl version. This is the fact that the weight line of the wedge was very tapered.

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