Winter Proofing Hair Tips

Short Hairstyles Blog presents Winter Proofing Hair Tips

As we get nearer to the cold weather of winter, it may be time to consider ways to prepare your hair for the conditions ahead. The winter season frequently means cold temperatures, precipitation, winds, and, ultimately, locks that are left dull and lifeless. However, by preparing in advance, you can ensure your ‘do looks healthy and sexy all winter long. First, trim away any split ends you already have.

During the winter, hair is more prone to breakage, and split ends can cause locks to split and break more easily. You should also cut back on heated styling products. These can do damage and leave hair weak and brittle before winter begins. Cold air also means more fly-aways due to negative ions in the air. A mild shampoo will help you remove these ions and cut back on frizz. Additionally, winter is a time when dry hair reigns supreme. Add some extra moisture now with a weekly deep conditioning treatment so your strands are ready for the dry spell ahead. Finally, consider fortifying your hair from the inside with a winter-ready diet. Pack in some more protein and you’re sure to grow stronger hair by winter. Add in an adequate amount of water, and they will stay extra-hydrated as well.

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